Family Trip to Colorado


I’m going to get better about adding posts as they happen because I forget so much when I sit down to do a post! This is a small recap of our family trip to Colorado last month. 

There’s nothing more important to me than spending time with my daughter, Felecia, son-in-law, Tyler, and the grandkids, Ava and Asher. I will usually refer to Felecia and Tyler as “the kids” and the grandkids as “the kiddos.” So, the kids booked a last minute trip to Colorado in October. This was the first trip with took with both kiddos and Asher was a little over 2 months old. The thought of traveling with two littles was a little daunting. The great news is that both Ava and Asher are precious little ones, and they are perfect travelers – so easy.

We spent a week at a resort in Breckenridge and took day trips to Aspen, Vail, and also around the Breckenridge area. A few of the mornings I got up early and went out on photography hikes. I love that private time with my camera in tow. 

Breckenridge Yacht Club
Breckenridge Yacht Club

One of the first mornings I got up and out before most of the locals in town so that I could get some early sunrise shots. I wasn’t having much success as I didn’t consider that the sun was coming up behind the mountain range. I gave up and started walking back to the condo when I saw a little pathway between a couple of buildings. I looked like I shouldn’t go back there, so of course, I did. I came to this beautiful scene of the Breckenridge Yacht Club boat reflecting in a small lake along with the surrounding trees in all of their fall splendor. It was one of those magical photography moments when the lighting, the color, and the composition all worked out perfectly. So much so that I have not edited the picture above at all.

The two parts of the day I love the most are the sunrises and the sunsets. At this stage in my life, I love all parts of the day and night, the sunrise and sunset frame the whole thing beautifully. As if the clouds were the movie screen and the sun was the projector, from the balcony of our resort, I watched the sun display an array of colors across the clouds.

Beaver Creek Resort Breckenridge Colorado
View from Beaver Creek Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado

On one of the days, we took a day trip to Aspen via Independence Pass. I absolutely love that drive! I drove it myself back in August, which was a blast, but with the Fall colors this time, I was happy to be a passenger taking pictures along the way.

Windshield view on the drive along Independence Pass
A bike ride in Aspen in the Fall
Downtown Aspen in the Fall

Now for a little bit about my precious granddaughter, Ava. She has caught the photography bug too, so when grandma has her camera out, she wants to take a few pictures herself. Since she is two years old, and can’t articulate what she wants, we have all become experts in charades as you can see from the picture. That is Ava’s way of saying that she wants to take pictures. I think she did a great job!

Obviously that is the perfect way to communicate that you want to take a picture
Fall Leaves by Ava James
Ava saw me taking pictures of some Fall leaves, so when it was her turn with the camera, she made sure she got a good shot.
The random man walking down the sidewalk was a good sport.

To be sure we hit all of the best places in the area, we spent a day in Vail.

It is a brave little girl who is willing to walk up to a big beast not knowing if it’s real or not!
Asher Grey and the Bear
As for her baby bear brother, he’s just happy to be with all of us.
Vail Village
Vail in the Fall is the perfect time for picnics and shopping


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