Governor’s Inauguration and Ball


During the campaign season, I received an invitation to a rally for Governor Abbott. I’ve been active in the national political arena, but not really on the state or local level. I decided to attend the rally with the intention of meeting people in my area with similar views. That day I met a beautiful, and smart woman named Susan. Little did I know that months later susan would invite me to be her date to the Governor’s Inauguration and Inaugural Ball. Here’s a look at our day together…

Inauguration on the steps of the Texas State Capitol

The inauguration was held on the steps of the Texas State Capitol. It was misting most of the morning. I’ve been told that rain on a wedding day is good luck, so I’m hoping the same goes for events like this.

I couldn’t stand still, I mean, I had a camera in my hand and the photography opportunities were all around me! I started wandering around the grounds around the Capitol trying to find interesting perspectives.

Texas State Capitol

Following the ceremony was a barbecue on the Capitol lawn.

Anything Is Possible in Texas!
Ride ’em Cowboy!
Always remember why we are FREE!

The highlight of the day was the Inaugural Ball!

I got to be the Plus One
I felt like a princess
My Date is beautiful inside and out!

George Strait was the entertainment for the Ball. He performed for nearly three hours. Yes, 3 hours! He is truly a Texas Treasure.

George Strait

It was an honor to attend this event. I can’t thank Susan enough for inviting me to join her. We had a wonderful day getting to know each other while sipping champagne and primping for the Ball. Friendships often take years to develop, and then there are those rare moments when the bonds of friendship are almost instantaneous, like ours. I’m looking forward to more adventures together!


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