The Heart of the Matter


The next few days are all about helping my dad with a long list of tasks. But first, we started with a trip to Sacramento to see my mom. On the way, we caught a glimpse of a big bird in a nest we’ve been watching for a few years. I tried to get a good picture of it in the nest, but that didn’t work out. Instead, I got a few silhouette shots as it flew away. We’re heading back to Sacramento tomorrow. I’m going to employ more sneaky tactics and get a great picture. I’m determined!

My mom is doing well and looking great – especially considering everything she has been through. Just a few weeks ago she could barely breathe. She may not like having a tracheostomy, but I think she now realizes the importance of oxygen! 

They each picked out one of the hearts that I painted.  I brought a few with me on this trip to give to those people in my life that are most important to me. I love this picture of them! I give my mom credit for that big smile. I don’t think I would allow any pictures if I was in her position. 

Two Hearts

I enjoyed an evening with my very dear friend, Tina Kuhl. We have a long history of helping each other when we needed one another. Right now it’s all about celebrating life and all we’ve accomplished. We are phenomenal women! We’ve raised responsible and productive children, we’ve always provided for our families, and we know the importance of nurturing loyal friendships. 

I also gave Tina one of my hearts. I love how it looks in her home. 


Today is about financial planning with my dad. It takes a strong man to ask for help with things like money management.  Talks about money can be treacherous territory.  I respect my dad for asking for help when he needed it. I appreciate that he trusts me and allows me to guide him. 


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