Trip to Chico


My favorite things about air travel is the view from above the clouds. I’ve been known to stare out the window a whole flight. This pic was with my iphone X.

On the drive to my parent’s house near Chico, CA, I had to stop to capture a few shots of this field of yellow mustard flowers with the Sutter Buttes range in the background. While I was gathering up my gear, I noticed another photographer already out there. We talked briefly. He wished me luck because it was a windy day and I didn’t have a tripod with me. I think that not using a tripod helps me get some more interesting shots. I also have a steady hand and oftentimes I can get handheld shots others can’t.

Sutter Buttes Range in Northern California

I was excited that I got a shot of a Union Pacific train that was going by before I jumped back in the car. I love the contrast of color between the vibrant yellow mustard flowers, the beautiful blue sky with dappled clouds, and the powerful locomotive cutting through. 

Union Pacific locomotive
Almond trees are beginning to bloom

On to Day 2… more to come!


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