A Few Products I Love

When I find a product that I love, I will share it with the world. Here are a few of the favorites that I personally own and use. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. 


Zen as F*ck mindful art of not giving a shit journal

How could I not add this to the top of my list of products that I love? It’s my new favorite tool to help me be Zen as F*ck and practice the mindful art of not giving a shit. Ahhh. It feels so good! It is honestly fun and refreshing to do the little journaling activities with the book. So, don’t discount this as gimmicky. It’s actually very good, especially for those of us that are known to fill up a curse jar rather quickly. I think it’s healthy to be expressive. Just saying.

Really though, I’ve been journaling most of my life. I have kept my journals dating back to junior high school! For the record, they are in a safe and secure place. The material in those journals will come in handy someday. Don’t worry, I may change names to protect the innocent. I definitely won’t change names to protect the not-so-innocent. I thought about letting key players know that they will be featured in my sure to be a bestselling book, and then I realized that I really don’t give a shit… just like my new journaling pal is teaching me. See, it’s already working!

Hair Care

The hair styling tool that is above and beyond any other tool on the market is the Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler Hair Styling Set! It’s the hair tool of all tools EVER! Yes, I’m obsessed with it. It has been said that in case of an emergency evacuation situation, my Dyson Airwrap goes with me. It’s no joke. It’s so true.  This styling tool is so coveted that it sells out within days, if not hours after it hits the shelf or goes online. Right now Amazon has 2, yes only 2 Renewed COMPLETE SETS. I don’t even have the complete set. When I got mine, I got a version with fewer attachments. I’m hoping Dyson will eventually sell additional attachments so I can complete my system.

The Amazon Renewed program is backed by its 90-day guarantee.  I would grab one of these babies quickly! I know it sounds like a ton of money to spend on a hair styling tool, that’s because it is a lot to spend on something to style your hair. It’s worth it though. I promise that you will be able to replace all of your other tools that dry out or burn your hair, and your hair will be silky, shiny and healthier because you invested in this quality tool. Remember, we’re talking about your hair. You know how awful a bad hair day is. Imagine life with good hair every day!

Ovation Cell Therapy The Color Valentine Gift Set

I looked back in my Ovation Cell Therapy order history and discovered that because I love Ovation’s haircare products so much, for 3 years, I have only used their line. I don’t know what other products I have been that loyal to, especially for my hair. I can tell you that my hair has never been healthier or fuller than it is now, and I have had my hear bleached, dyed back to brown, and bleached again many times over the past few years. The Ovation Cell Therapy system is so simple for me too. I shampoo, rinse, apply the Cell Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatment for 3 to 5 minutes, rinse, and then condition. It’s simple and it made my hair beautiful – it is keeping it that way too!

Valentine’s Special! Ovation Systems $39.95  (Over $135 Value!)


My daughter, Felecia, told me about the BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool. When she said she was thinking about getting one, of course, I had to get one too. After several months of using it a few times a week (not consistently, I admit), there was a noticeable difference in my skin. The biggest difference I saw was how soft and smooth my skin felt. When I realized that I was getting results without dedicated effort, I did more research and watched the videos by BeautyBio (that I hadn’t bothered to watch before). That’s when I started to target my darker sunspots more frequently.  Now a few of my larger spots are almost gone!

I did take before photos, so be on the lookout for a post with Before and After pics. I promise Microneedling doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t take long to do. Just make sure you do it at night or whenever you aren’t going to apply any makeup. I mostly use it at night after washing my face and before my regular skincare products or when I know I’ll be working from home all day and I get to skip makeup entirely. Give this one a try and let me know how it works for you. I’d love to hear from you! 

I’m generally open when it comes to sharing my beauty challenges along with tips and tricks I’ve learned. Many of these aren’t for women only, so you men that stumbled into this product, don’t runoff. You can use the Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool or with a little sensitivity, you can share them with women in your life. Emphasis on sensitivity, fellas! Watch this short video I made showing the reason this is a product that I love and how to use the little attachment for precise eyebrow shaping – no more shaving off a chunk of your brow! I use this for my brows and on my whole face for exfoliation. If you aren’t using a dermaplaner yet, start! I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin since I started using them because my skincare products absorb better. Get more about this little wonder tool here:  Schick Silk Touch-Up Razors 


I love it when my FabFitFun box arrives!  It’s like having a birthday four times a year. Each box, which is always very pretty*, comes packed with carefully curated beauty and fitness products, fashion accessories, or home decor items valued at over $200 for only $49.99! Before each seasonal box ships, FFF opens offers additional items for sale (really cheap!) as add-ons with your next box. I have opted for the annual subscription so that I get early access to member-only sales and early shipping. On the FFF website, you can find fitness tips and workouts,  cooking instruction and recipes, lifestyle and decor tips, and an engaged community platform with women supporting each other. There’s so much to FFF that I haven’t even begun to explore.

For transparency purposes, you should know that if you sign up for FabFitFun through me, which I would really appreciate, I will get a $15 credit on my account. When you sign up, you can also get $15 for referring your family and friends. The $15 referral credit may change at any time. I obviously don’t control that, so I’m letting you know in case they do away with that program. I don’t want anyone coming after me if FFF changes their program! *Tip: I save use my FFF boxes and use them for storage. I use them in my craft room for craft supplies, and I use them in my bathroom for hair accessories and makeup. They also make beautiful boxes for shipping presents. Yes, it says FabFitFun on the box, which makes it much prettier than a plain brown box.


When it comes to travel, which I do a lot of, you would think I had it all figured out. Well, I didn’t. Now I do, I think. One of my new favorite accessories for travel is the Bagsmart Electronics Accessory Organizer.  Check out this short product review video, and you’ll see why this is one of the products I love and a must-have accessory for anyone who takes electronics with them when they travel or commutes back and forth to work with their electronics in tow.


I love arts and crafts, especially creating anything with my Silhouette Cameo! I don’t even remember how I got into making cards, invitations, heat press t-shirts, labels, and home decor items with my Cameo. I think it was another one of my daughter’s ideas. I suppose it makes sense that I should have a mini vinyl cutter at home for small crafts since our family company, 360 Wraps has the Mac Daddy vinyl cutters running around the clock. I don’t think the team would appreciate me throwing one of my projects into their workflow, although I know they’d do it if I asked.

If you have done any kind of Pinterest surfing or been on Etsy, you have probably seen products created on a Cameo. You may have even bought a thing or two created by a Cameo user.  I create most of my designs myself, but you don’t have to know how to design to create fun and beautiful things. I didn’t know how to design when I first started. There are already thousands upon thousands of ready-to-go inexpensive designs available through the Silhouette design store already. The things you can make with a Cameo are mindboggling. It’s a relatively easy creative outlet too. I’ll be making some of my designs available. Very soon you will able to simply download, print, cut, glue, and create from my original designs. I’m so excited about that!

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