Pursue your dreams relentlessly and make them a reality!

Don’t just follow your dreams, pursue your dreams relentlessly, and make them a reality! What you say and the words you choose are important. Subtle changes to your vocabulary, and even your inner-dialogue, you know, the things you say to yourself inside your head, make a massive difference in your outcome.

There are many quotes and memes out there that say something like, “Follow your Dreams!”, it’s time to change this way of thinking.

The word Follow means to move behind someone or something.  The word Pursue means to follow someone or something to catch or attack them. 

See the difference with this one simple change in wording? Following is passive; to follow along. When you pursue something, you are going after it to catch it! Pursue is attack mode!

Say these two phrases out loud and feel the difference for yourself:

“Follow your dreams.”

“Pursue your dreams.”

Feel the empowerment that comes with switching out one word? Sometimes the smallest changes can make the most significant impact. 

You can download 30 printable and shareable versions of this quote here, and remember, giving up on your dreams is giving up on yourself, and that’s not okay! Pursue your dreams relentlessly!

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Pursue your dreams motivational quote

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