Women in Reselling Live Calls

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and stuck in your reselling business? Are you new to reselling and don’t know where to begin? I can relate! When I started selling on Poshmark, I had so many questions, and I needed someone with experience to turn to. After binging on YouTube videos made by other women in reselling, I felt even more overwhelmed. It took trial and (lots of) errors to develop an efficient process that converted to steady sales.

Join one of the Women in Reselling calls if you want to streamline the process and go from questions to answers. I don’t know all the answers, but as a group, we can support each other as we grow our businesses and build confidence along the way.

Angie shared what has worked for her and what has not. She was a great cheerleader, and gave me the skills and confidence to succeed.

Bonus for Live Show Hosts

Connecting with your audience through a one-way medium can be tricky. Want some tips on connecting with your buyers better during a Live Posh Show? Join the Women in Reselling call and ask me how.  

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