Governor’s Inauguration and Ball

During the campaign season, I received an invitation to a rally for Governor Abbott. I’ve been active in the national political arena, but not really on the state or local level. I decided to attend the rally with the intention of meeting people in my area with similar views. That day I met a beautiful, …

Colorado in the Fall

Family Trip to Colorado

There’s nothing more important to me than spending time with my daughter, Felecia, son-in-law, Tyler, and the grandkids, Ava and Asher. I will usually refer to Felecia and Tyler as “the kids” and the grandkids as “the kiddos.” So, the kids booked a last minute trip to Colorado in October. This was the first trip with took with both kiddos and Asher was a little over 2 months old. The thought of traveling with two littles was a little daunting. The great news is that both Ava and Asher are precious little ones, and they are perfect travelers – so easy.