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My Amazon Storefront

People often inquire about my camera equipment, skincare regimen, and hair and beauty products. To make it easier for everyone, I’ve created a convenient hub where you can find it all – my Amazon Storefront.

To access my Amazon Storefront, click on the button above. I am constantly updating my storefront as I go through my daily life and realize new items I need to add. Be sure to check back frequently for the latest updates! Click the button above to access my Amazon Storefront. This will be a work in progress as I’m going through my daily life and realizing that I need to add that to my storefront as well. Check back often for updates.

  • Never give up is a phrase you’ve undoubtedly heard many times, especially when your goals, whether related to your career, personal life, fitness, or learning new skills, seem too difficult or unattainable.

  • At one point in time, I felt like everything had to be perfect in the house before I could go to bed. This included cleaning the counters, taking the burners off the stove, and making sure everything was organized. However, as time passed, my priorities shifted, and I realized it was okay to let some things go.

  • I discovered how being vulnerable is powerful.  I discovered that I am stepping into my power by being authentically vulnerable with a purpose.

  • I’m thrilled to announce the debut of Real Talk with Beckie and Angie, a YouTube channel and podcast collaboration I’m doing with my very good friend of 40+ years, Beckie Kullberg.

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