How Being Vulnerable Is Powerful

While recording this week’s podcast, Real Talk With Beckie and Angie. I discovered how being vulnerable is powerful.  I discovered that I am stepping into my power by being authentically vulnerable with a purpose.

Being authentically vulnerable means being open and honest about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It means allowing yourself to embrace your flaws and show your true self. It means having the courage to speak your truth, even when it’s difficult. 

Authentically Open and Honest

Being vulnerable also means allowing yourself to be open to potential hurt. That vulnerability will let you step into your power and destiny and start living a life that genuinely reflects who you are. 

People are often resistant to being vulnerable because of fear. Being vulnerable means exposing yourself to potential criticism or judgment, or even the possibility of being hurt. People may also fear being vulnerable as it requires them to be open, honest, and emotionally raw, which can be very difficult. Additionally, some people may be resistant to being vulnerable because of a lack of trust in the other person or because of a lack of trust in themselves.

If you missed it, here’s more about Real Talk With Beckie and Angie Podcast

Vulnerability: Strength or Weakness

Vulnerability can be a strength if it allows for emotional openness and connecting with and empathizing with others. On the other hand, vulnerability can also be a weakness if it will enable others to exploit or take advantage of another person. Be aware of how moments of vulnerability affect you.

By leveraging your authentic vulnerabilities, remain open and honest, you can step into your power and start living a life that truly reflects who you are while knowing that being vulnerable is powerful!


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