Live like there’s no tomorrow sounds logical, right? Deep down inside, we all know that there is no guarantee that we’ll see another day. How many times have we heard things like, “what if you get hit by a bus when you walk out of that door?” or “what if you never come back?” The honest to God truth is that if you died right now, this very second, all of the stuff that you said you were going to do, all of the places you said you were going to go, and all of the promises you made to yourself and others, well, they just don’t matter to YOU anymore. BUT think about a few of the plans you have for tomorrow, next week, and the future. Pick only one or two. Are you planning on doing all of those things alone? Dream homes, business partnerships, epic vacations, mission trips, writing books, running marathons… are NOT solo endeavors. You are not in this alone! 

Living like there is no tomorrow isn’t just about you and your own little world. It is crucial to your family, friends, social network, co-workers, and heck, think about the Barista that sees you every morning. She’s counting on you to give her that forced, half-hearted smirk just so she can give you a bright, genuine smile in return as she has made it her mission to make you smile every time you see her. See, she gets it. She will take off her apron at the end of her shift and rush over to her daughter’s school just in time to whisk her away to an evening picnic in the park with the other moms and kids in the neighborhood. She will know that again, today, she lived like there’s no tomorrow. 

Next steps to living like there's no tomorrow

Have you thought about how you can live your life a little differently now? I suggest inviting family or friends to join you in the process of picking one or two things on your list to begin planning together or to do immediately. As an introvert, I appreciate doing some things by myself, so I say go ahead and pick at least one solo-venture as well. The point is, live NOW as that is all you have! 

The truth is, if you died right now, all of the promises you made, well, they don't matter to YOU anymore.

How to Relax  – My Top 5 Way I Chill has excellent tips on things you can do today to live in the moment and RELAX at the same time. 

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