Occasionally, I have moments when I want to run away. I don’t want to pack everything up and go off the grid. When the urge to run comes up, I now realize it is a feeling I get when I want to avoid something or someone. In my head, I feel like running away will make the uncomfortable feeling go away. Avoidance shows up in a few ways. For example, some people say that they feel like they want to sleep through it. I know the feeling well.

Running away is about control

When the urge strikes to run away, it is usually about something I cannot control. Learning that I cannot control everything has been a big chunk of my personal development journey. Accepting “what is” takes conscious effort. I admit that I sometimes feel weak when I step into acceptance. I used to feel like I was giving up or giving in. It felt natural to challenge everything.

Acceptance does not equal weak

Acceptance does not mean that I am weak. It only means that when the urge to run away or avoid a situation comes up, I now understand that when I face a situation for what it is, I can move on faster. Looking back, I see where I wasted a lot of energy struggling to control situations I could have let go of.  A lot of my self-worth was wrapped up in my need for control. When you really think about it, fighting something that is out of your control is a waste of precious energy. Focusing my energy on things that move me toward my goals is more empowering than wasting energy on those that are out of my control.

Self-awareness and practice

It takes self-awareness to identify the moments when I want to run away. When that feeling hits me, I take a deep breath and allow myself to feel what is coming up for me and why. If the situation is out of my control, I let it go. It’s not like it magically disappears. I have learned to think about things in my life that make me happy or people that bring me joy. I remind myself that running toward something I want is a much better choice than running away from something I don’t want. Trust me; this takes practice. Lots and lots of practice, and I get to practice it a lot!

Your turn

It’s your turn – I’m always interested in how others handle stressful, or shall I say, challenging situations. What tips are you willing to share in the comments below?

Focusing your energy on things that move you towards your goals is more empowering than wasting energy on that which is out of your control.

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