Being a Courageous Parent

Being a courageous parent is always essential, and right now, our kids and our grandkids need us to set the example of, “this is what courage looks like.” Being a courageous parent requires faith, conviction, and determination. Do we have all of those qualities all of the time, probably not? Sometimes we get to act as if we do even when we don’t want to. A courageous parent shows up for their child when there’s a monster in the closet. That same courageous parent is the one who keeps a level head in front of the kiddos even when the electricity is about to get shut off. You are the parent, and you get to figure it out just like how you figured out how to get rid of the closet monsters, with a bigger-than-life attitude and the confidence that you got it all under control.

Step Up and Figure it Out

During my single mom days, I got to step up and figure it out. When I look back on it, I realize that I probably wasn’t as scared as I could have been at the time because my focus was on making everything work for my daughter and me. The solutions were much more important than the problems or obstacles. My creative problem-solving skills back then still make me proud today. Understanding the value of memories and experiences far outweighed that of any material objects at that point. The local pawn shop helped me create quite a few memories with my daughter from the material objects that I sold to them during that time. Gratefully!

What is Most Important

I have always felt that the most important thing I could do is to be a good role model and provider for my daughter. There’s no role in life that can compare to the significance of being a parent. My daughter’s most important job at that time was being a kid, going to school, and making friends.

We Want to Feel Safe

We all want to feel safe and protected. It was up to me to keep a solid foundation at home, so that my daughter felt secure. The more courageous I felt, the better my daughter did. She was looking to me – always – for signs of stress or fear. I’m sure I wasn’t a complete pillar of strength, but I can tell you that I made sure that I made things fun even in our most dire financial times.

Creating Fun Memories

One of my favorite memories from that era is creating a fun indoor picnic-like Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter on a very tight budget. She didn’t know how little I had to spend, and she didn’t need to know. The two of us went into a grocery store, and together we picked out the most random fruits, cheeses, and crackers we could find. At the time, we lived in a little rental house that had hunter green short loop industrial carpet in the living room – kind-of like grass. So, we laid a blanket out in the middle of the living room and dared each other to try the first bite of our weird assortment. We made funny faces as we tasted things, we laughed, and we created a lasting memory that did not resemble a typical holiday dinner. It was so much more and better!

Be Courageous

I encourage you to be courageous in all that you do right now. Make choices from a place of strength and knowing that everything is going to work out for you and yours. Focus on what is good and right in your world and share those things with your children. Let them see what it looks like to face difficult times while remaining positive and optimistic. I am a courageous woman. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t locked myself in the bathroom with the shower running while bawling my eyes out a time or two – or more.

Breakdowns Happen, Recover Quickly

Breakdowns happen, they are a part of life. Recovering quickly from those low moments is essential as a parent. When a breakdown occurs, the time it takes us to regain our footing is a good lesson for children. They are always watching! We all get down at times, it’s about getting up, and getting up quicker and stronger than ever before that will make the lasting impression. Like, “Wow, Mom really lost her mind, and she’s already back at taking care of business. My Mom is my Hero!” What an honor that is when you get to be your child’s hero. I bet you are already, and you may not even realize it!

Thank you for reading my thoughts on being a courageous parent. I am always open to hearing your thoughts and perspective on the topics I write about on my blog. Please share in the comments at the bottom of the page or send me message here..  Be sure to follow me on Facebook at  Angie Strader Now and Instagram and say, Hi! I appreciate you! – Angie

The first and finest lesson a parent can teach their children is faith and courage.

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