Self Esteem


Do you know how rare it is to appreciate yourself and also show appreciation to others? Most people are better at the latter and avoid accepting compliments with gratitude.  How many times in your life have you shown your appreciation to others and said something like, “you know what I like about you?” and then follow it up with a lengthy list of admirable qualities you see in them? I can’t even count the number of times I’ve told others what I like about them. I think that the ability to quickly identify admirable characteristics in others is a gift, and I enjoy honoring others.  Appreciation provides validation Appreciation is a powerful motivator; it provides validation and shows your gratitude. It’s part of human nature to crave recognition and appreciation. It’s not a bad thing to want credit, no matter what anyone tells you or what you may be telling…

For most of my life, I have struggled with feeling like I was “not good enough.” When I did succeed, I either felt like I could have done more, or better, or that I didn’t deserve any recognition at all. I felt unworthy. Isn’t that sad? Here I was, busting my butt to do the best I could at everything, and yet I never felt satisfied with my accomplishments or worthy of my success.

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