Fortunate to Live in America

I know first hand how fortunate I am to live in America. I have traveled around the world and I lived in a country that did not have the freedom nor the opportunities that we have in this country. I have seen families living in the level of poverty most only see on the Feed the Children commercials – the ones that people turn off because they can’t take it. For four years I drove through communities that look just like that. Children rummaging through trash heaps in search of scraps of food or anything valuable they might be able to sell or trade. I saw the elderly withering away and suffering in pain because medical care wasn’t available. Not that it wasn’t affordable, it simply wasn’t available. I worked medical missions in remote villages where people lined up for hours to have medical and dental procedures performed, and we did not provide sedation or pain management. They were all grateful for showing kindness and compassion. I was part of a team that provided security for the American medical personnel and protected the medical supplies. The communist army was always nearby ready to take whatever they wanted by whatever means the deemed necessary.

Perspective Comes From Experience

My perspective comes from experience. I have traveled to communist countries where you can only drive your car on your designated days. That is if you are lucky enough to have a car because the government doesn’t allow just anyone that luxury. The same goes for owning a home or pursuing a career of their choice. For those that have these luxuries, they get to pay dearly for them. Oh, and their income, well, that really belongs to the government. Sure, most everything is taken care of for the people, but not necessarily fairly or equitably. The opportunity to move up the scales of income or status is controlled by the government, and not likely to happen unless you are part of those in government control.

Protests and Violence in Our Country

As I see protests and violence erupting all over our country, I think about what we, as a country must look like to those living in the Third World and Communist countries. I wish I could place some people in a remote village in Asia and let them see what that’s like. Oh, and for those who want more government control, go live in a communist country for a little while. Oh wait, you can’t do that because their government won’t let you. Hmmm. Okay, well, for those that want to defund the police, go live in places in  America where the police won’t even go, like parts of Chicago and now New York. When shit goes down, and it will, you get to be on your own. Fend for yourself. Where are you going to go? I bet you run back to safety where you get to bash on the police, hate on people who don’t think like you and destroy property and livelihoods. You get to do all of that because we live in a society that allows it. It’s part of who we are as a country. I don’t like everything about our countries laws and policies. I certainly don’t like most of our political leaders.  I also get to live in a free country that has an abundance of opportunities for all people.

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celebrating the freedom to create my own success
celebrating the freedom to create my own success in America

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