It's Time for New Fitness Goals

It’s time for new Mid Year Fitness Goals! Where are you at this point in the year?

A. I’m kicking ass & crushing my goals!
B. I’m in maintenance mode & holding steady.
C. I’ve lost my mojo & don’t know where to find it.
D. I’m not into setting goals & that healthy lifestyle stuff blows!

I'm Holding Steady in Maintenance Mode

Honestly, I’ve been holding steady in B, Maintenance Mode, for some time now. I know how great I feel when I’m in A, so, I’m jumping back in by setting new Mid Year Fitness Goals for myself. It’s never too late (or early) to set new goals. It’s always right now!

Okay, so about you… are you in B, C, or D? Be honest! If you are in anything other than A, ask yourself why? What do you gain by being in anything other than A? What are you missing out on by not being in A?

What the Number on the Scale is Not

Let’s be clear about something, the number on the freakin scale does not represent fitness, health, or wellness! It does not! Repeat after me… “My weight does not represent my blood pressure, my cholesterol, my glucose level, my stamina, my sex drive, my energy, my strength, my thinking, my mood, or my worth!” Your weight is a measurement that can f*ck with your whole sense of being! I’m not saying that you should throw your scale away, and maybe it might serve you better if you did. 🤷🏼‍♀️  You get to make that decision for yourself.

Use Different Numbers

Those that set goals based on a combination of measurements will experience better health and improved quality of life. If you were to ask most people what matters most to them, their weight, or their quality of life, truly, deeply, and honestly, quality of life wins every time!   

In combination with weight, clothing size, body measurements, make a plan to regularly measure your blood pressure and blood sugar.  I use a Bluetooth blood pressure cuff that syncs to the iPhone Health app, and I check my blood sugar the old-fashioned finger prick way. I check these a few times a month just to make sure I’m staying within my healthy range.

What Would Healthy and Fit Feel Like?

What would it feel like to get more fit and healthier? Think about that for a little bit, and then write down how you’d feel. Would you carry yourself any differently? Would you dress differently? Would you take on any new hobbies? Would your social life change (when we can have a social life again <sigh>)? 

Now, drop a comment below to let me know if you are on board to commit to New Mid Year Fitness Goals with me! Will you be my A Buddy, kicking ass and crushing goals together?! I hope so! Let’s do this!

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