I made over $5,000 in Additional Income Fast!

I made well over $5,000 in 6 weeks of additional income with just my side-hustle activities! That’s five grand in just over a month in addition to my steady income! Because I can!

What does that mean when I say, “Because I can”? I set out on a mission to generate additional income, and I accomplished it. When the world is freaking out, and some people claim that they can’t make any money, I proved that I could create additional funds.

Proving that I can generate more income this gives me additional validation that I am continuing to make progress following the carbon monoxide poisoning. Three years have passed since the poisoning, and I continue to see cognitive improvements. I’ve worked hard for it! The money I created in that amount of time is fantastic, but believe me – this is about so much more than the dollars!

How To Create More Money

I didn’t know how to create more money, and then along came an online course offered by Chalene Johnson and her family that took the participants through the process of selling online. The focus was cleaning out and letting go of all of the extra stuff around the house that was no longer serving or bringing joy. I had lots of that stuff! I have a lot less of it now!

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It's About More Than Money

In the process of selling stuff, I gained more than money., I found a fantastic community of people in an online reselling platform called Poshmark.  The inclusive and uplifting culture at Poshmark aligns with my values, and they are open to sharing how they, too, have successfully created more money through reselling.

They even encourage adding personalized thank you cards, gifts, pretty wrapping, and doing it all from a place of love! See, my kind of thing!!

learning how to make additional income at Poshfest
Attending my first PoshFest - online of course

What's in My Poshmark Closet?

Want to see the kinds of things I’m selling that brings in thousands of dollars a month? You can see it all here, in my Poshmark Closet! My current inventory is low, and I’m in the process of adding more beautiful things. 

Once I started to run out of my things to sell, I started helping friends and family do their closet cleanouts. They do the cleanout, and I do the selling. It’s a win-win! I’m adding new items to my closet daily, so check back often!


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