Real Talk With Beckie and Angie Podcast and YouTube

We met in 8th grade, and it’s been a fun, bumpy, and exciting ride ever since

Real Talk With Beckie & Angie is a podcast about two friends sharing our real, raw, and meaningful conversations and discussing the topics that matter. On our weekly show, we’ll share tips on how to make it through life’s curveballs and chat about celebrating victories. You will enjoy Real Talk with Beckie and Angie if you’re looking for an honest dialogue that touches every aspect of life and personal growth

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Get a little more insight into our Podcast and YouTube channel in my post  Debut of Real Talk With Beckie and Angie Podcast

You can listen to the podcast on BuzzSprout or your favorite podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

You can also watch each episode on YouTube.

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Join the real and relatable conversations between friends because sometimes a little bit of real talk is exactly what we need.

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