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Hi there. So, you want to know a little more about me? Me too! I’m learning more and more about myself almost every day. We may be lifelong friends, or maybe we’ve never met – no matter what, I’m glad you are here. Welcome! 

I have an amazing life. It can be insane on some days where some people would want to run away and hide in a cave if they were in my shoes. Other days are full of new and exciting adventures that most people would want to experience for themselves. But, why would I want to share any of my life with you.? The real reason is that I want to inspire you. That’s all. I want to encourage you by showing you that my life is full of ups and downs and bumps and bruises, and yet, it is indeed a remarkable life! Even when my world has been falling around me, and I feel shattered, I still find moments of great joy. That is who I am. I’m that woman who thrives no matter what! I want to take you with me on my journey and share life lessons with you that I have acquired over my 53 years, and I have acquired a lot of experiences. I’m not a professional writer, so don’t get hung up on my writing style. Just go with it.

Everything you will see or read here comes directly from my heart. If a topic pops into my head, I will write about it. I can promise you that I will be genuine and authentic. I fully expect to receive calls from frantic family members or friends asking me to rethink something I wrote. Rest assured, I won’t. If I hold back on you, then I may be cheating you out of a valuable lesson or the motivation you needed to help you create your own extraordinary life. Let me know your thoughts in the comments of the posts, as I genuinely want to hear from you so that I can get to know you as well.

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What's Your Bottom Line?

A trip back in time to, What’s Your Bottom Line, my weekly BlogTalk Radio show that aired in 2009 – 2010. Each week I had open discussions with a variety of people about what it takes to be successful in your personal and professional life.  The lessons are timeless. You can listen to a few of the most popular ones on Player FM here: Best of Angie Strader Podcasts 

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