I Sell Clothes Dressed In PJs

I used to dress up for work every day, and now, I sell clothes while dressed in my PJs – if I want to. That’s how I got started selling on Poshmark. Because I didn’t need a closet full of designer clothes, shoes, and bags anymore. After selling a few things a little at a time, one day, it clicked! I had taken an opportunity to downsize and turned it into a profitable business venture.

The downsizing began in August 2020, and I’m still going through stacks and racks of my own clothes. I’m now helping a few other ladies by selling the items they have decided to let go of. It was humbling at first to be selling things I once cherished. Still,  I realized how much I enjoyed the process of making other people happy through quality items at affordable prices along with the best possible positive experience I can deliver.

In Over My Head in Clothes

Within six months, I found myself in over my head in bins of clothes that needed to be prepped. It’s important to me that everything is cleaned, steamed, and mended (if necessary) before I list it, and I couldn’t keep up with the whole process – and honestly, I’m not that good at that steaming and ironing thing. One would think that after 8 years in the Air Force, I’d be good at the ironing part, at least. Yeah, well, I can do it, but not efficiently. I knew that to deliver quality items with the best customer care, and I needed help. 

My entrepreneur instincts kicked in, and I connected with a lovely lady in my community who was looking for something to do while she is stuck at home too. She does an impeccable job of prepping the clothes. I can now focus on doing the photos, creating the listings, selling, and taking care of the business requirements. I love being in business for myself!

I am committed to delivering quality products with excellent care.

Have you ever experienced a shift in your lifestyle or environment that drastically changed your perspective or found yourself doing work you never dreamed you’d be doing? If so,  please share some of your stories in the comments below to all learn from each other!

I hope you will take from this that no matter what happens to you or where life takes you, you can choose to look for the good in every situation, even in the most humbling moments.

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